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  • £ 1,064.85

    Brand: Tunto

    Designer: Mikko Kärkkäinen

    The Swan Pendant is a spectacularly elegant choice for interiors. This long wooden suspended light with soft curves draws its inspiration from the swan's delicate neck.  This piece won the international GOOD DESIGN™ Award. Option: Dimmable driver, or dimmable through the Casambi app  (letting you control lights with your smartphone and tablet).

    £ 1,064.85
  • £ 248.63

    Brand: Zero

    Silo is a minimalistic pendant inspired by the grain silo's recognisable silhouette. With a slender but sturdy shape, Silo can either scream out or blend in thanks to its very expressive and varied colour scheme. it is available in 7 colours. Other colours upon request.  Design: Note Design Studio

    £ 248.63
  • £ 793.73

    Brand: Zero

    The Silo Trio Pendant is a variant of the Silo Single Pendant. Both models are inspired by the grain silo's recognisable silhouette. The Silo Trio Pendant is ideal to fill dining rooms or corridors with just the right amount of light. it is available in 7 colours. Other colours upon request. Design: Note Design Studio

    £ 793.73
  • £ 340.38

    Brand: Mater

    Liuku is a contemporary pendant lamp designed by the Finnish designer Maija Puoskari. Liuku consists of a coloured mouth-blown glass shade nestling over an FSC-certified oak base in two different shapes, with a built-in long-life LED. The Liuku shade is available in clear glass or in beautiful smoke and purple tones. Additionally, the wooden base can...

    £ 340.38
  • £ 212.04

    Brand: Mater

    The Liuku Pendant was designed by the Finnish designer Maija Puoskari. It is crafted in solid, FSC certified oak wood. Stripped of excessive decorations, it allows us to focus on the simple design. The LED light source is hidden in the drop - or ball-shaped - base, which is treated with matt lacquer. The minimalistic design means the Liuku is...

    £ 212.04
  • £ 106.02

    Brand: Mater

    The Ray Lamps are a stunning new series, in which oak and steel combine to create a beautifully innovative contrast. Designed by the Danish design studio PederJessen, the Ray collection is an elegant nod to Scandinavian design while also offering low energy lighting. The wooden globe shade is mounted inside the steel shell with magnets, allowing the user...

    £ 106.02
  • £ 827.70

    Brand: Northern Lighting

    The expressive shape of the Say My Name Pendant is a lively dialogue between the material and the artisan, as each lamp is mouth-blown in Italy and made entirely out of Venetian glass. Although the skill required to transform such a large mass of molten glass into a hollow sphere could only be found among the master glassblowers of Venice, the design...

    £ 827.70
  • £ 181.35

    Brand: Northern Lighting

    The Dokka Pendant is a small light with a big history. Designed in 1954, Dokka was the first lamp from Norway to receive a Gold Medal award at the prestigious Triennale di Milano.  Acclaimed for its smooth contours, precise proportions and sleek use of resources, Dokka had the potential to become a design classic from day one. It became one of the...

    £ 181.35
  • £ 213.90

    Brand: Northern Lighting

    The Bell series consists of both matt and shiny porcelain pendant lights. The pure beauty of simple shapes was the inspiration for these creations by designer Mark Braun. To celebrate porcelain and its smooth, glazed surfaces, the Bell lamps feature coloured outer surfaces and white inner surfaces. The light is available in a range of colours inspired...

    £ 213.90
  • £ 240.87

    Brand: Northern Lighting

    Unika is a series of small, mouth-blown glass pendant lamps, originally designed for the Restaurant Grønbech and Churchill in Copenhagen. The pendant's simple base is made of solid brass; a detail that gives the lamp a clean, industrial look, in sharp contrast with the delicate and handmade glass lamp shade. The shade is available in two...

    £ 240.87
  • £ 1,450.80

    Brand: Northern Lighting

    The Scheisse Light is a striking design that creates a huge impact in any setting. It takes the shape of a light bulb, which looks like it is exploding outwards. Each individual piece is held in place by a metal rod and painted white on both sides to reflect the light and project it downwards. Scheisse’s iconoclastic design brings Pop Art to mind,...

    £ 1,450.80
  • £ 445.47

    Brand: Northern Lighting

    The Acorn Pendant Lamp's streamlined shape was inspired by the natural shape of the oak nut, with organic contours and an understated profile. Sleek and sophisticated, the lamp is suspended from the ceiling by a silk cord that conceals the cable inside it. This pendant lamp belongs to a new breed of designs that replicates the beauty of nature in a...

    £ 445.47
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