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  • £ 301.32

    Brand: Mater

    Created by the Indian designer Ayush Kasliwal, the Bowl Table's top surface is made from the wood of the mango tree. Once mango trees no longer bear fruit, they are cut down and replaced with younger saplings. Since mangos are widely consumed around the world, there is plenty of mango wood available. The piece of furniture...

    £ 301.32
  • £ 830.03

    Brand: Møbel Copenhagen

    The Lili Coffee Table, with its elegantly curved solid oak legs and round laminate tabletop, radiates comfort and harmony. The designer Takumi Hirokawa was inspired by water lilies for this piece. In addition to being gorgeous, the Lili Table is also easy to maintain.  Design: Takumi Hirokawa

    £ 830.03
  • £ 603.76

    Brand: Fredericia

    The Barbry Tables are a range of side tables available in three heights. The circular tabletop is made of solid oak, and the base, inspired by industrial furniture, is made of black lacquered steel.  These tables can be used in private homes as well as public spaces such as restaurants, bars or public lounges.  3 Sizes. Design: Aurélien Barbry

    £ 603.76
  • £ 677.04

    Brand: Naver

    Designer: Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl

    The Tray Table is a small, dainty table, which can easily be moved from place to place, depending on your needs, becoming either a coffee table or a side table. You can even pick up the tabletop and use it as a serving tray! This innovative detail is very useful when hosting guests. The Tray Table is available in various sizes,...

    £ 677.04
  • £ 0.00

    Brand: Mater

    The Aluminium Bowl Table is a reinterpretation of the popular Bowl Table crafted in mango wood. This aluminium version is produced in a small Indian workshop supporting local craftsmanship. The legs are made of hollow steel rods and can be detached from the tabletop for easier transportation. 

    £ 0.00
  • £ 419.62

    Brand: Mater

    The Marble Disc Table is a new side table crafted in Indian marble, a variant of the Disc Table made in FSC certified oak wood.   The marble tabletop is handcrafted in India with a  traditional lathe, based on an ancient technique still widespread in Rajasthan, India. The weight of the marble is countered by the...

    £ 419.62
  • £ 371.63

    Brand: Mater

    The Disc Tables are a new range of timeless and versatile side tables with strong Nordic character. The balance between the piece's minimalistic steel legs and rounded tabletop in FSC certified oak creates a classic and durable design. The tabletop is treated with a water-based matt lacquer and is available in two sizes.

    £ 371.63
  • £ 519.87

    Brand: By Lassen

    Anoon is a new drinks trolley by By Lassen based on an original drawing by the architect Flemming Lassen. The drinks trolley was originally designed in the summer of 1943 as part of a private home decorating project, intended to be used as a tea wagon for a wealthy family. Equipped with graceful chrome wheels, this multifunctional trolley can...

    £ 519.87
  • £ 263.38

    Brand: Fredericia

    Piloti is a series of solid oak side tables. The subtle detailing of the tabletop creates the impression of a single line, floating atop four delicate legs. The tables are available in two heights which can be combined together in various ways, creating new lines. These tables are suitable for private homes and public spaces such as hotels. ...

    £ 263.38
  • £ 446.40

    Brand: Mater

    Designer: Space Copenhagen

    The Accent Table was designed by the Danish architect duo Space Copenhagen and combines sculptural lines with a handcrafted feel. The Accent collection consists in three coffee tables, a larger oval lounge table and a round dining table. The various sizes of the pieces allow for creativity and flexibility when matching them...

    £ 446.40
  • £ 1,227.60

    Brand: Mater

    Designer: Space Copenhagen

    The Accent Oval Lounge Table was designed by the Danish architect duo Space Copenhagen and combines sculptural lines with a handcrafted feel. The Accent collection consists in three coffee tables, a larger oval lounge table and a round dining table. The various sizes of the pieces allow for creativity and...

    £ 1,227.60
  • £ 240.87

    Brand: By Lassen

    Utter simplicity and sharp, cubist shapes: this defines the Twin table, a newly-arrived signature piece for contemporary interiors. Twin’s distinctive reversible top encourages both individuality and flexibility. You can emphasise the table’s unique simplicity by placing it alone as a night table. You could also create a...

    £ 240.87
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