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  • £ 603.57

    Brand: By Lassen

    As an addition to our existing Frame modules, the Frame Shoe Cabinet adds a new function that makes it an excellent choice for the hallway. With its characteristic cubic frame, the shoe cabinet is based on the same design as the existing Frames, but with new dimensions that makes it even more useful for storing your shoes. Placed on the wall, the Frame...

    £ 603.57
  • £ 274.35

    Brand: Northern Lighting

    Seed is a wall–mounted night lamp. It creates a unique reading environment through its filtered light source from a low watt energy saving LED. The focused, yet soft, beam emitted from the diodes makes it possible to read in bed while your partner sleeps. The ‘revolving arm of light’ can point in a variety of different directions and can be easily...

    £ 274.35
  • £ 1,919.52

    Brand: Massimo Copenhagen

    Moon Night is a high quality handknotted rug made of 100% bamboo fibres which gives a luxurious feeling due to the unique softness and shiny surface. Bamboo fibres are made of bamboo pulp and have strong durability, stability and tenacity. The quality of the fibres minimizes peeling to almost nothing. The production of Bamboo is sustainable as...

    £ 1,919.52
  • £ 242.17

    Brand: Mater

    Imago Mirror Object is a sculptural wall-mounted mirror object, bend of one metal sheet in 158 degrees. Inspired by the name and shape in which anthropods - such as butterflies, take on during their final metamorphosis from cocoon to winged creature - Imago Mirror Object is made from polished stainless steel or brass. Designed for use in hallways,...

    £ 242.17
  • £ 783.06

    Brand: Naver

    Point is a series of light and stylish coffee tables. This version comes with a square tabletop with rounded edges. It is available in solid wood or in compact laminate available in 6 colors. The tapered wooden legs are available in 3 heights, either in the same wood as the table or in black stained wood. Made in Denmark.

    £ 783.06
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items