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  • £ 308.76

    Brand: By Lassen

    Frame is a flexible storage solution comprised of square boxes in cubic frames. Frame modules can be hung directly on the wall or stand on their own on the floor. Combination options are endless!  Frame is manufactured in Denmark and constructed with great attention to detail. Frame storage combines functionality with quality and delightful aesthetics.

    £ 308.76
  • £ 186.37

    Brand: Mater

    The Bowl Wall Edition is an interpretation of the successful Bowl Table that reconciles old Indian craftsmanship with the simplicity of Scandinavian design. The Bowl Wall Edition is ideal in narrow hallways or as a bedside table and can be mounted on the wall with or without use of the steel leg. The top, made of sustainably sourced mango wood is turned...

    £ 186.37
  • £ 2,770.47

    Brand: Naver

    The drawer tower Turning Boxes consists in a set of 10 drawer boxes which can individually rotate 360 degrees. The idea behind the design was to create a sculptural and decorative piece of furniture that could be changed to fit its surroundings. This piece promotes a playful approach to home decorating, allowing you to...

    £ 2,770.47
  • £ 271.19

    Brand: Massproductions

    Endless is a free-standing wall of shelves that lightly structures open spaces, making room for both privacy and the objects of life and work. Shelf sections join together and support each other as they lean in opposite directions. If you are seeking a see-through room divider, Endless performs that function perfectly. If you...

    £ 271.19
  • £ 2,221.77

    Brand: Naver

    Designer: Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl

    This cabinet has plenty of storage space for books or other beautiful objects you love to display. The cabinet top and optional built-in handle are made out of white corian. Shelves can be mounted horizontally and vertically and an AK 2772 drawer can also be integrated to the cabinet. The pointy turned legs are...

    £ 2,221.77
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
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