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  • £ 1,859.07

    Brand: By Lassen

    Conekt has the same simple, clean style that can be found in many of Mogens Lassen’s designs and once again reveals the architect’s love of minimalism. With Mogens Lassen, nothing was ever left to chance and this philosophy is clearly seen in Conekt. The custom-made L shaped brackets connecting the table’s top with its legs are thought through to the...

    £ 1,859.07
  • £ 2,237.58

    Brand: Fredericia

    Børge Mogensen designed the Søborg Table in 1953. The table’s sleek elegance is enhanced by slightly tapered steel legs and sharply defined contours on the oak tabletop. The Søborg Table is a statement piece that can be used in homes as well as restaurants, hotels and exhibition spaces.

    £ 2,237.58
  • £ 772.27

    Brand: Massproductions

    The graceful wooden construction principles of the Icha Icha Stool have now been extended to a desk version. The Icha Icha Desk comes in a wood structure and a tabletop covered in linoleum. It forms a perfect small workspace for a home, an office or a hotel room. Design: Chris Martin

    £ 772.27
  • £ 1,065.78

    Brand: Fjordfiesta

    This light and elegant Alto Desk was created by the Norwegian designer  Andreas Engesvikin. Six wood finishes are available for this compact desk, which can easily fit in modern apartments and be used on a daily basis.  W 116 cm x D 68 cm

    £ 1,065.78
  • £ 3,150.84

    Brand: Naver

    Designer: Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl

    The Point AK1330 is a beautiful and functional piece designed by the architect Ebbe Gehl. It features a white Corian tabletop with an integrated document holder and extra storage space. It is also possible to hide electrical wiring, and there is enough room to store laptops or other devices in the desk's drawers.  Design: Nissen & Gehl

    £ 3,150.84
  • £ 3,082.95

    Brand: Naver

    Designer: Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl

    The Bridge Scandinavian Desk is a modern, well designed Danish desk with four drawers, and the added possibility of hiding wiring (from laptops or other devices), thus preserving the desk's elegance and its functionality.  Design: Nissen & Gehl

    £ 3,082.95
  • £ 2,474.73

    Brand: Naver

    Designer: Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl

    The Lord Scandinavian Desk is a compact desk well-suited to apartments. It takes its inspiration from traditional furniture. Many refined details contribute to making it a lovely piece: it has well-equipped drawers, nooks, and gives you the possibility of hiding eletronic wires. With its two retractable folds, some of the desk's storage space...

    £ 2,474.73
  • £ 7,190.39

    Brand: Fredericia

    Aesthetics and functionality unite with the Haugesen Table, which was awarded the coveted Danish ID Design Award in 1986. The desk's remarkable metal legs are made out of brushed steel and create a textural contrast with the laminate tabletop. Upon closer inspection, we can see that the table has two additional...

    £ 7,190.39
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items