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Collection of scandinavian chairs made in plywood. 


PLYCOLLECTION is combining the experience and capabilities of Latvia’s largest furniture manufacturers with modern and world-renowned design. The innovative development process results in a collection of beautiful molded plywood chairs that fit anywhere- from homes and offices to public areas.

Using the unique technology for molding plywood, a highly qualified workforce and quality materials we aim to offer our customers throughout the world modern high quality design chairs.

Welcome to the world of elegant, light and comfortable chairs!
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  • £ 303.55

    Brand: Plycollection

    The Flow Chair is an amazing multi-purpose stackable chair. Its clean look, perfect design and comfortable seating makes it ideal for a wide spectrum of uses, both in public spaces and private homes. Minimum Purchase: 2 pieces

    £ 303.55
  • £ 360.47

    Brand: Plycollection

    The Frame Chair is composed of plywood plated with various types of wood or laminate. It was created by the design studio Komplot in Copenhagen. These chairs boast clean lines while also being compact and stackable. They can easily be used in private and public spaces.  Minimum Purchase: 2 pieces

    £ 360.47
  • £ 290.16

    Brand: Plycollection

    Zesty was designed to showcase plywood production. The result is a "spicy" and well balanced chair that brings the best out of moulded plywood with a minimum of material and a maximum of comfort and style. With its characteristic legs and slender profile, ZESTY is a functional multipurpose stackable chair adding extra flavour to any public or...

    £ 290.16
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items