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The history of Sibast Furniture begins in 1908 in a little cabinet - maker in the countryside on the island of Funen in Denmark. Peder Olsen Sibast opened a little business making handcrafted wooden furniture. The years went by and his son, Helge Sibast grew up and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He served his apprenticeship with him and developed skills of high quality craftsmanship and his sense of fine simplicity and sustainability within his furniture designs. He created the foundation for the international furniture corporation SIBAST FURNITURE. Danish design classics were manufactured by SIBAST FURNITURE and from the 1950’s a yearlong collaboration between the well known Danish furniture architect Arne Vodder and Helge Sibast be - gan. This collaboration resulted in an adventure of exporting Dan - ish furniture Designs around the world in the 1950’s and 1960’s. In 1984 SIBAST FURNITURE was sold by the Sibast family, just a year before Helge Sibast passed away. Fortunately the copyright to the furniture stayed in the Sibast family, which is why the iconic designs now are re-launched by the grandson and his wife; Ditlev and Anna Sibast, the founders of SIBAST FURNITURE today.

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  • £ 395.06

    Brand: Sibast furniture

    Made as a gift to his wife, Helge Sibast designed the N°1 Side Table in the late 1950s. The exact origin and design year is not certain since it was only produced to fit his home and never sold to the public. The side table was inherited by Helge’s daughter, and later passed on to her son Ditlev Sibast, who, in turn,gave the table as a gift to...

    £ 395.06
  • £ 709.78

    Brand: Sibast furniture

    Sibast N°7 was the second chair to be reissued by Sibast Furniture. It was originally designed in 1953 by Helge Sibast, featuring a characteristic backrest made of moulded wood for greater comfort and style.  Being a skilled cabinetmaker, Helge Sibast built his designs himself. He narrowed the back legs of the chair for more simplicity, and lifted the...

    £ 709.78
  • £ 1,621.55

    Brand: Sibast furniture

    Sibast No 7 Lounge takes its inspiration from the Sibast No 7 dining chair designed in 1953 by Helge Sibast. Now more than 60 years later the grandson of Helge Sibast, Ditlev Sibast interpreted the Sibast No 7 dining chair and together with his wife Anna he designed the Sibast No 7 Lounge chair. Using the unique details from the Sibast No 7 like the large...

    £ 1,621.55
  • £ 889.45

    Brand: Sibast furniture

    Sibast N°8 was the first chair to be reissued by the Sibast family. The Danish designer Helge Sibast created the original chair in 1953.  Since the 1950s, this design has been popular around the world. Now, more than 60 years later, Helge Sibast's grandson, Ditlev Sibast, and his wife, Anna, are...

    £ 889.45
  • £ 2,718.58

    Brand: Sibast furniture

    Table N°2 draws its inspiration from the N°1 side table designed by Helge Sibast at the end of the 50s, as a gift to his wife.  Table N°2 was created by Helge's grandson and wife, who are also reissuing the seats made by the great mid-century Danish designer: This dining table boasts clean and timeless lines, which aren't meant to compete...

    £ 2,718.58
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